Saturday, February 26, 2011

Megamind Family Night

Family Night is FINALLY back!!

With all of the sickness we’ve faced this year, special evenings together have been really hard to plan and pull off.  Tonight’s was literally planned at the last minute.  I only started this afternoon getting it all together. 

It all began when Chris told me last night, before bed, that he was planning on stopping at Best Buy to pick up the movie on his way home. (Since it was released today, it was on sale!)  I then had the fleeting thought that I should try to pull something together, but when Em woke up still puny this morning from strep and a sinus infection, I had put it on the back burner.

Later, as I was sitting at the table helping her complete all her make-up work for the week, I thought… “You know what? … we deserve some fun!” So… I logged onto my laptop, and came up with this. (What was life like before Google?) :-)







Got the menu ideas (Super Hero Subs, “Metro City Munchies” - AKA: Chex Mix, and “Mega Juice” – blue punch, or Kool-Aid, etc..) from this blog. I threw in some extra “Mega-blue-ness”, of course! ;-)

Found all the neat Megamind printables, and other cool ideas at this site.  We didn’t do any games – kids were a little disappointed – because of Emilee’s state of recovery… but I made sure they had plenty of coloring pages, word finds, pictograms, etc… to keep them busy! “Hydration” (water) Gun fights would have been fun, though… maybe next time?

Credit goes to this post for my awesome Mega-loon decorations!

And, of course, I have to thank @chrisreeder for the inspiration.

So, see?  It doesn’t take TOO much time and effort to pull off! The key is to just be intentional about time with your kids.  As always, we had great fun just being together!!

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