Thursday, August 15, 2013

Moving ON...

I'm ready for a new start.
A fresh space.
A new chapter of life.

So I'm closing up Truly Captivating.

She'll still be out here on the inter-web for days when I wax nostalgic and wish for a trip down memory lane.

But from now on, you can find me here.

So excited about stepping out onto a new journey full of more adventure and possibility than ever before.

Hope you'll join me!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Five - First Day of Summer

1. Yes!

2. Yuck.

3. Yee-Haw!!  ;-)

4. Yay!

5. Yumm!!

You??? :-)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

For Daddy With Love

Nothing but a lady!

Hell's half-acre; where snakes grow as big around as cart-wheels.

Dave & Sugar.

Playing basketball in the church parking lot.

Lovers or Fighters?

I'm gonna knock you naked and hide your clothes!

Ooo, Ooo, Ooo Miss Grace!

Swimming lessons at Pirateland pool.

Because I said so.

Who's the only man in your life that will never let you down?

Meetings (usually every 9 weeks) in your "office". ;-)

Smooth move, Ex-lax!

I'm the #1 man in your life.

Landscaping the yard on Windwood Drive.

Do you love me enough to...

Nothing good happens after midnight.

Could I have this dance?

Shagging to Beach Music in the bedroom.

How's your walk?

If A = B, and B = C, then A = C.

Lady, Lady, Lady why do you holler?

Best Buddy Days.

God don't love ugly.

You wanna see a fit?


Who loves ya, Baby??


I could go on for days, but people might get bored and stop reading this. :-)
Bottom line?  I have the BEST DADDY ON THE PLANET!!!
Thanks for all the memories, and for teaching us what is most important in life...
and FUN!! :-)

I love you BEYOND BELIEF!!!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Five - 'Cause It's Been A While

My Favorite things *So Far* This Summer :-)

1.  Pool Time with the Homies

2.  Celebrating NINE with my Baby Boy

3.  CaroWEDNESDAYS (Special thanks to Gigi and PawPaw for the season passes!!)

4.  Party Lights on the Front Porch - Southern Mamas ROCK!

5.  Zapata's with The Girls

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

40 Years of Wonder


Broad Drive. Chicken pox.

Faith Southern Methodist.  Candy Apples. VBS.  Fairgrounds.
Greenwood Elementary.

Grease is the word.
Tend-Likes. Toilet Swirlies.
Homewood Avenue.  Backyard fishin'.
Bike Rides.  Swingin' and Singin'.  Basketball games with Dad.

Yard sales. Pirateland. Surrey Incident.

Scooter ain't a boy! Kittens.  Kittens. More Kittens.

Briarcliffe. Funky Arms. Car in the pool.
E.L. Wright.  Mama is your sub.
Viking Pride.  Charades.  White Huxtables.
Hugo Party.

Bush Gardens.  Williamsburg.  Virginia Beach.
Alabama Theater.

Howards End.  Argaile Chartruse Lemonade Stand.
Did I mention Charades?

Dave and Sugar.  Alabama.  The Judds.  Chicago.
Car rides to Flo-town.

Christmas Card Video.  (He gets to be the trash man!)

When A Man Loves A Woman...  Cold water showers.
Wakin' him up at midnight, telling him it's time for school!

The Hyundai.  Carowinds.  Fry an egg on my head.

Let's recap our evening. :-)


Then some hard times but we got through!

Graduations.  Teaching.
Weddings.   Babies.
One of us is still waiting... (She's out there, Buck!)

Sunset Beach.  Ocean Isle.
Spades and Scrabble with Mammy.

Laughter.  Tears.  Hugs.  Fusses.
Years flown-by.

Love. Happiness.  Family.
Wonder Twins.


Here's to 40 more WONDER-ful years!!